VPN services help you maintain your privacy and security while using the internet. VPN hides your true identity and geographical location from anyone interested in such information, it secures your connection and it allows you to bypass blocks and restrictions.

Unlimited Connections from single external IP Address

Works on Android ,


Works on a many devices

  With Smart DNS will also work with your LG or Samsung TV without installing any software !!

Money Back Guarantee

We offer 30-days money back guarantee if you can’t connect to our VPN servers using all VPN connections included into your package or if you can’t connect to Smart DNS service.

Protect Your Privacy Online

As you are using VPN services, no one would know your actual IP address and geographical location. That means you will surf anonymously online and that advertisers and marketers cannot target you with ads.

Your Identity

Your very easy to find IP address reveals more than you think about you. Your name, your exact location, your digital profile are for the take for anyone who’s curious enough and willing to connect the dots. The best way to protect your identity is to keep your IP address hidden. CactusVPN can do that for you.

Prevent Internet Usage Tracking

Every marketer or advertiser in the digital world wants to find out everything there is to know about your online activity so they can profile and better target you with advertising messages. Your right to privacy is nothing compared to their financial benefits. But, with our help, you can stop this invasion and defend yourself from being permanently scanned. Using a VPN service keeps you IP adress hidden and your online activity encrypted, so no one can stalk the “digital you” anymore.

Online Surveillance

We believe that the right to online privacy is a basic human right. Unfortunately, more and more governments around the world began taking action against it. Don’t let you political views or personal beliefs be used against you by oppressive political regimes or any other hostile entities. Protect your privacy online from any prying eyes by using our VPN encryption.

Secure Your Internet Connection

By encrypting your connection, VPN service protects your personal data from cyber criminals and authorities, prevents deep packet inspection from the ISP and secures you on public Wi-Fi networks.

Secure Connection on Wi-Fi Hotspots

Taking a free ride on a public Wi-Fi network is tempting but also very risky. Even a low-level hacker could easily get into your device and steal your passwords and other personal information. But not if we help you. With a VPN service you can secure connection, and all your data will be encrypted for anyone else but you.

Protect Your Private Data

Your financial information, your work, your personal beliefs, chats with family and friends, all your online activity is vulnerable to hackers, websites that want to profile and target you with advertising messages, authorities that want to keep you obedient and the list continues. A VPN’s mission is to protect your private data and hide your browsing from any prying eyes.

Prevent Deep
Packet Inspection

Your location, shopping records and in fact your whole online activity is kept into packets of data that can be, without difficulty, read by your ISP or supervised by your government. You can hope they will use this information for good or you can just protect yourself from this kind of surveillance and secure your connection with a VPN service.

Bypass Restrictions & Blocks

By hiding your identity, VPN services helps you to bypass censorship imposed by your country, bypass blocks imposed at your workplace, school or university.

Bypass Censorship
Imposed by Your Country

Living in a country under an oppressive regime possibly means that you know a lot about facing censorship. The right to be well informed has been taken away from you. We are here to help. Our VPN service guaranties safe passage to unrestricted browsing. Also, your IP will be hidden so authorities will know nothing about your online activity.

Bypass Blocks at Workplace,
University or School

Either we talk about your school, University or your workplace you’ve felt the frustration of not being able to access some websites, personal mail or social and music platforms. Our VPN allows you to tunnel out of this restrictions and enjoy all the Internet goodies. And you can do that without being discovered, because your IP will be hidden.


Geo-Restricted Websites

Geo-restriction is a common practice for many platforms, either they are about music, games or movies. Our VPN allows you to access any content you want, anywhere on the Globe, by making your device’s IP appear to be in a non-restricted area. So jump over the virtual fences and enjoy all the fun and games the world has to offer.